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This is where you have a short summery of what you are trying to achieve with your project. It should give a general overview with details posted later in the page.

The team

This is where you post a list of the active team working on the project and possibly their roles or focus within it.


Creator of the Demo Project and general master of the UNIVERSE! (MUHAHAHAHA)


Some idiot who doesn't know what he's doing.


This is where you post about the goals of the project, this helps to stop intended feature creep.

  • To give people a template to work from
  • To demo how to use some of the relevant wiki code
  • To provide a filler for the other pages until some real projects get going.


This is where you describe how your project is put together, what needs doing, what has been done etc.

This is the most free form section of the page, and will likely grow quite large as things progress. Try and use sub-headers to help organise things.

This is a sub-header

And this is a sub-sub-header

You can link to images etc to help explain things.

Demo image.jpg

Note the |300px in the code, this scales images to fit.

You can also link to external images like this:


To link to an external websites you can use:


Your text here

for internal links (other projects etc, just use)

Internal Link


This is where you post details about how the project is going. This could be in the form of pictures, or a description. It could also be a link to the code's Github page and written details of what's been done.

Useful Links

This is where you collect relevant links to the project. It could be similar projects elsewhere, datasheets for parts, or any other useful external source. A quick description makes everyone's life easier though.

Front page
Front page again
Guess what?
Yes I am lazy! :P


This is where you describe what you need material wise. It is always wise to put unobtained stuff at the top and tag things when you have them. This makes it easy for people to know what they might be able to contribute to it.

  • Vaccuum Cleaner
  • Large Rubber Duck (Sourced)

Final Results

This is where you post links and pictures when you have finished all or part of the project, as well as finalised links

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